A Reality Show for NFL Player’s Eight Baby Mothers?


Looks like another reality show full of drama and nothingness is on the horizon. Do you remember Terricka Cason of Candy Girls fame? Well apparently this video chick scored a few wins since then. After marrying and having two children with NFL player Antonio Cromartie (in addition to the daughter we were introduced to on her previous show), she is now in talks with his seven other baby mothers to create television spot.

And get this: he has 10 children in total.

According to the New York Post, these women want to “document” their journey. Cromartie’s fifth baby’s mom says, “We’re not catty women. We have a close, tight-knit friendship and understand what each other’s going through. We reach out to share news about the kids, to talk, to vent.”

Yeah right. We can see it now! The checks start rolling in along with their child support checks, then the show goes from Rev Run’s House to Football Wives with Kids!

Vixens, could you deal with a man with this many kids and baby mothers?


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