The Business of Nicki Minaj: A Breakdown of the Barbz Empire


–Young money, cash money business? Why, of course. Queens raptress Nicki Minaj may be the epitome of those words (even while Birdman greedily rubs his hands together in the background). Steadily building her future billionaire brand, Nicky Nick has dabbled in major deals with the top tier of the industry. (You do know Anna Wintour, right?) When it comes to the Barb operating her artistry, she’s a connoisseur of merchandising.

She has strategically (and to much backlash) embodied the name and likeness of Mattel’s top seller, created a cult-like following through social media and signing boobs, grabbed the reigns of the beauty business with OPI and a fragrance too, all while stomping on the femcee game with one of the meanest shoe games. Has she lost yet? Nope!

Now we could bicker about whether she’s carbon copying the legacy of Lil Kim, but, hey, we’ve been down that road several times. The road less explored is that of the Nicki Minaj business. She exclaims that she’s winning yet still bored, so let’s breakdown why she should be capturing this moment for life.

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