‘Think Like A Man’ Brings In $33 Million


From The Jasmine Brand–Over the weekend, Think Like A Man producer, Will Packer, confirmed that the movie was estimated to gross $16-$18 million. But now that the weekend is over, movie site, IMDB, has put out its own official numbers. And according to them, Think Like A Man has exceeded Will Packer’s estimate… By A Lot! IMDB estimates that the movie brought in about $33 million dollars. That means that Hunger Games’ top box office position has finally been lost, since it only made $14.5 million this weekend. When asked how important winning the number one spot was, Will said,

“It’s huge. I don’t think the significance of opening with the number 1 movie in America can be overstated. This isn’t the number 1 lower-budgeted film, or the number 1 African American Film, or the number 1 film for a particular audience; It’s the number 1 movie in America, period; and if those numbers hold, then we’re going to be in a great position that shows the power of a smart strategic marketing plan that takes advantage of social media, networking, grassroots and a great campaign; because we were up against films that were significantly larger than us. However, the great equalizer is the level of grassroots, social media, Twitter, Facebook support that we got; and the audience is saying, we want to see more films like this. And I think that when audiences start to realize their power in Hollywood decision making, you will see more films like this made and become more successful.”

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