T.I. Gives Story on a Bizarre Groupie Moment

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Rapper T.I. may be living the happily married reality-TV life with wife Tiny, but he still has a story or two from his player days.

During a recent interview with radio station with Hot 107.9, T.I. was asked to tell is most “hoe-rific” groupie story. He kept it PG, detailing a time when he woke up and a girl was standing in his hotel room. He says of the incident, “I don’t know how they got in. I think she might’ve knew somebody who worked at the hotel—slid her a key or something. She just came in!

While he doesn’t get into detail on what exactly went down, we’ll just imagine what we think a single T.I. would’ve done.—Keenan Higgins

Check out video from the intervew below: