Timbaland Says Missy Elliott’s Album Is Complete, Dreams of Collabo Album With Jay-Z


While many are anticipating Missy Elliott’s long awaited comeback to music, Timbaland has revealed that her album is completely finished.

In an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, he discussed Missy getting back into the game, saying she gives it 130 percent. “We finished the album,” he said. “I don’t think it’s the simple word of cold. It’s called figuring your life out. I think we only got one rapper that’s a female. It’s not about being cold or hot. It’s about, am I ready to do it again? It comes with a lot of work. For a girl, you got makeup, styling…”

Though he mentioned that he still feels like the underdog on the music scene, Timbo hopes to  inspire people to start making real music again with his upcoming LP Shock Value 3. The album, which he nicknames Ezekiel’s Will, will include features from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and hopefully Kanye West.

Tim also revealed his hopes of recording a full-length album with Jay-Z. Although the two have collaborated numerous times, he says Jay is an icon and doing a whole album together would push him to new heights. “Jay cool,” he said. “Jay’s a family man. My dream is to do a whole album with the dude. That’s my goal. I pray on that. I know what it could be. Even if we didn’t put it out, it would be fun. It would push me somewhere I’ve never been as a producer.” — Jazmine Gray

Check out the interview below.