Trayvon Martin’s Cousin Says He’s Positive It’s His Voice on 911 Tape: “That’s Him”

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As the fight to bring Trayvon Martin’s killer to justice continues, members of his family are stepping up to help bring closure for their family.

HLN’s Nancy Grace recently interview Trayvon’s cousin, Ronquavis Fulton, who says he’s positive it’s Trayvon’s voice on the 911 tape.

“I hear my little cousin crying, screaming, ‘Help, help!’ It still haunts me to this day,” Ronquavis Fulton said in an exclusive interview.

“I know his voice on and off the phone. I know his voice. That’s him,” he said. “We have no peace until justice is served.”

A Forensic analyst who studied the 911 call said he believes the voice calling for help is not George Zimmerman’s.