Trina Braxton Files for Divorce


Braxton sister Trina from one of our favorite reality shows is apparently tired of her husband shit and his embarrassing antics that have gone viral in the blogosphere. So tired, in fact, that she is ready to sign them papers.  She had this to say in an interview with 365Voice:

You know a lot of people it seems like has [sic] gone through the same situation or they’ve been through something very similar in their relationship and their just kind of like what do you do? How do you do this? And what do you think I should do? The first thing I say is I don’t know because you never know what you’ll do unless you go through something yourself. I have learned to keep my mouth shut with that. As far as the status of Gabe and I, I have filed for divorce however we are being very adult about it. We are talking, we are still raising the children together and we are still praying about his sex addiction therapy that he’s going to a counselor for as well. We’re doing a lot of praying and a lot of keeping outside influences away from our decision making. I think that’s one of the biggest mistakes we’ve made through the seasons of Braxton Family Values.

For those unfamiliar with this saga, Trina’s husband Gabe was videotaped on Skype having an illicit chat with a woman he met on social media, even going so far as exposing his package. As if that is not bad enough, Gabe had admitted during the first season to engaging in an affair for five out of the seven years they were married.

This is unfortunate that their problems had to play out on national television, particularly when there are children involved. We wish Trina the best during this time.