V Exclusive! Diego Cash Talks Upcoming Album, New Collabos, Brushing Off the Haters

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Christian Vasquez, better known as Diego Cash, is the debut artist off of New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony’s independent record label, KrossOver Entertainment. The native born New Yorker and Atlanta raised MC has a lot on his plate whether it be in the studio, working with his new artist Cerda or making an appearance on his sister Lala Anthony’s VH1 show Lala’s Full Court Life. Let’s just say he’s living life in the fast lane.

Diego will be releasing his anticipated album Language Arts later this year and listeners can expect some major collaborations and new sounds

“My brother has always been amazing at everything he does and I support everything he pursues… He’s amazing,” stated Lala on her feelings of Diego being in the rap industry. He’s ready to take the game by storm and he has a full fledged family force behind him.” — Krystal Holmes

VIBE: What can listeners expect from your upcoming album?
I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with a new sound. I’ve been working with a different producer so it’s not going to sound like anything you’ve previously heard from me. 
Are there any big collabs we can expect or get excited about?
This one I got Tyga, I got YG, Diamond, Rick Ross, I’ve got my guy Cerda, that’s my artist I  signed, so it’s nice it’s a good project. We’ve got a lot of things lined up from the visuals and behind the scenes visuals. I’ve got me and Diamond in the studio, me and YG in the studio so it gives you more of a feel of the project.
What’s it like working under Carmelo musically, we know he plays ball but what’s it like from the musical aspect?
I mean it’s cool. Its dope to me because I know that I genuinely have somebody that’s in my corner. It’s not like they doing it for a check or for this and that. Like I know he’s genuinely in my corner, he genuinely wants to see me win. It’s a good situation and he plays the role. Whatever we need done I bring it to him and if it makes sense we get it done.
Is there any artist that you’re dying to do a collab with?
I wouldn’t necessarily say artist, but more so like producers. Like I would love to work with Pharell or Swizz [Beatz]. 
How do you feel when people compare your success with your sisters?
I mean it is what it is, that’s my sister and we are connected for life.  And I don’t think nothing of it because most people judge blindly so that has no bearing on me anyway.