V Exclusive! Raekwon Gives His Thoughts on Hologram Tupac and Bringing Back Ol’ Dirty Bastard


Coachella 2012 will forever be remembered as a historical event in hip-hop culture. This past Sunday (Apr. 15) marked the very first time a hologram rapper performed before a live audience.

On the main stage at the annual music festival, a 3-D image of fallen rap icon Tupac Shakur appeared in the middle of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s headlining set to perform “Hail Mary” and “Amerikaz Most Wanted” with Snoop Dogg. The life-like hologram of Pac was created by AV concepts and masterminded by Dr. Dre.

After the performance, Twitter exploded with mixed reactions from fans and rappers alike. The majority of hip-hop heads felt it was a monumental experience while others thought it was disrespectful to play with the deceased. To get a better view on hologram Tupac’s first performance, VIBE talked to veteran rapper Raekwon for his thoughts on the event.

“That’s incredible,” Raekwon tells VIBE. “It’s beautiful, b. All I can say that it’s live. It’s wild when you see it. It look like his spirit.”

The Wu-Tang MC says he had to take a good hard look at his computer screen to really believe what he was seeing.

“That was brilliant. I tip my hat to Dre because it really shows the sense of love he had for Pac,” Raekwon explains. “Just to see someone do it for the first time ever. We only seen sh*t like that on TV.”

Raekwon continued, “It’s mixed feelings but I think more importantly, Moms, if she co-signed it then it ain’t about what we think. I don’t feel it was a bad thing. Dre know what Tupac meant to the whole hip-hop world and he made it happen.”

When asked about the idea of a rocking with a hologram Ol’ Dirty Bastard, The Chef was all for bringing back the late legend.

“It made me think about Ol’ Dirty, too,” Rae says. “I would definitely have to have a understanding with his moms. I think it all starts with [her] respect level. If [she] want us to do it and they feel like it’s cool that’s when we would continue to move on and do that. I wouldn’t jump up out of the blue and just say ‘yo, I want to reincarnate your son this way.’ I think it’s important that you give moms respect for her son.”

Raekwon is currently on the road for his Unexpected Victory tour.