V Premiere! Nitty Scott, MC “BullSh*t Rap” (Official Music Video)

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One our favorite up-and-coming MCs has blessed VIBE.com with the exclusive premiere of her new video, “Bullshit Rap.” The rapstress known as Nitty Scott, MC is currently working on her upcoming EP, Boombox Diaries, and decided to drop off some visuals to feed the streets. Taking a nostalgic approach on her DOOBIES x POPSICLE STICKS track, Nitty spits it how she lives it. Check it out below!

Directed By Donald Robinson Cole and Robert Adam Mayer

VIBE: Who is Nitty Scott MC?
Nitty: Nitty Scott MC is a backpack rapper with a rocket in that backpack [Laughs], and by that I just mean that I’m a down-to-Earth, around-the-way fly girl who lives and breathes hip-hop and wants to represent it on a higher level, on a global level. That’s me. I’m an emcee, not a rapper. I definitely stress on that because I just feel that rapping is what you do; it’s an action, and hip-hop and emceeing is a lifestyle. So, I’m an emcee, not a rapper, and I’m here.