VIBE VIXEN: Has Sexting Become an Essential Part of a Relationship?


Sexting has become synonymous with the disastrous end of relationships and scandals.  Tiger Woods, Bishop Eddie L. Long, Basketball Wives stars Royce Reed and Jennifer Williams and Congressman Anthony Weiner all fall into this category. With all of the controversy and mess these sexting messages can cause, some people still view them as a necessary part of a relationship in order to keep things spicy.

Pop sensation Rihanna has been quoted as saying that she feels bad for any guy whose woman doesn’t send him nude pictures of herself. In the first season of La La’s Full Court Life, Mrs. Anthony was very adamant about sending sexy pictures to her husband Carmelo while he was on the road in order to remind him of what he had waiting at home. Pop culture has made it seem like sexting is a part of relationships that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s almost as if it should be a given once you enter into a relationship.

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