VIBE’s 4/20 Playlist! 25 Albums That Sound Better When You’re Smoking Weed


It’s that time of year again! Today, April 20th, marks the unofficial marijuana holiday known simply as ‘4/20.’ Mary Jane indulgers everywhere take a minute or two—or all day rather—to blow it down and celebrate the pleasures of THC. While the herb isn’t legal in most states, and only legal for ‘medicinal purposes’ in others, the rotation of blunts being passed will surely be celebrated out in the open throughout the city—nah, we think it’s safe to say throughout the world. 

What’s 4/20 without some big tunes to blaze to though? From Bob Marley to SublimeWu-Tang to D’AngeloThe Weeknd to Nirvana, and everything in between, we’ve put together a list of 25 albums that will make your trip to Cloud 9 that much greater. So whether you smoke it, toke it, puff it, or pass it, we got you covered on the music side. Just don’t blame us if you get caught out there with the bud!—Keenan Higgins

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