Vixen Chat: Neo-Jazz Singer Mara Hruby Blossoms Into a Rising Star


Mara Hruby is in full bloom. Fittingly, I suppose, as the New York City skies are watering Gotham, undoubtedly prepping it for spring. But amongst the chaos, this Oakland chanteuse brings a comforting calm.

I’ve equated this stillness with the jazzy songbird since popping in her 2010 EP, From Her Eyes. On the seven-track work, she enchantingly (and with ease) recalls raw emotions back to you, paralleling Norah Jones and Amel Larrieux. The 23-year-old washes over the work of male artists, including Jamiroquai, Mos Def and D’Angelo, to channel her womanly perspective through their words and kiss it with femininity.

In the iconic and legendary celebrity Harlem landmark, Lenox Lounge (and under the watchful eye of Billie Holiday), we discuss her coming out moment, jazz standards and her obsession with history. Here, we’re back in the throes of the Renaissance, perhaps. Her style assists our time travel as her model-esque slim frame is most-often wrapped in a vintage something-or-other, hair pulled back into elegant coifs.

Once a shy outcast in the Bay Area, Hruby now carves out her unique style and personality, not just for the Vixen cameras but for all those “willing to create within their own existence.”

Get to know this indie soul below, and don’t miss her candid photo shoot here.

Watch the video intervirew at VIBE VIXEN