Vixen Chat: WNBA Star Cappie Pondexter Talks Basketball, Fashion & Tattoos


Vixen: Can you weigh in on women’s basketball for me?

Cappie: Honestly, women’s basketball is at a great point right now. We have a lot of great prospects coming in this year including the previous ones we had in the WNBA series and honestly I’m excited about it to get on the way especially for NY.

Who are your top WNBA players and in college?

My top female players in the WNBA would be Tamika Catchings, Sue Bird, Seimone Augustus, Diana Taurasi, Candace Parker, Essence Carson..Its so many great players. In college of course you have Skylar Diggins you know the whole world has the Skylar craze right now and Brittney Griner she is definitely a game changer right now. When I think about game-changers I think of Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker.

Why do you think female basketball doesn’t get the respect like men’s basketball does?

Honestly, men are so athletic they play above the rim and our game is not at that level consistently yet. I mean you have a few players which I named as the game changers, these are the women that were able to change the game because of dunking. A lot of people watch men’s basketball because of their crazy athleticism and height and their ability to dunk, if women’s game were at that level it would be the same way in my opinion. We are getting to that level where women are becoming more athletic and more above the rim. I think that’s where we differentiate with the men and women and nothing else because we can do the same thing as them off the court. We lift weights and shoot and work out hard and play all year around. We do all the things we need to do as professional athletes except we are not above the rim which is what sets us a part from men’s basketball.

Who do you want to win the NBA Finals?

I’m going for my New York Knickerbockers, that’s the organization that pays me and that believe in me. I love the New York organization and I have a lot of friends on that team too so I’m excited for them and they are clinching the playoff spot and it’s great basketball. You know New York deserves this, the city deserves it and ultimately they go all the way.

Do you have any favorite men’s basketball players?

Of course. Dwyane Wade he’s one of my favorite, Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose like I could name a player on each team that I like but a favorite is D.Wade because me and his game is similar and we kind of grew up in the same area so I got a lot of respect for him.

What’s your skincare regimen like?

I use Sisley, Sisley Design Paris I don’t know if you are familiar with it but I use their skincare. I tried a lot of different skincare regimen’s but I really like their skincare. I use the toner, the facial wash and of course the moisturizer because their moisturizer is very thick and I have very dry skin and Sisley is the best out of all the other skincare lines I tried. I been with this skincare for probably two years or so consistently. It’s been great for me.

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