Vixen Chat: WNBA Star Cappie Pondexter Talks Basketball, Fashion & Tattoos


How is your 4 Seasons Styling Management business going?

Wow. 4 Seasons is going great. Of course it is a lot of work. When you are in the fashion industry a lot of people have these different businesses but I think the thing that kind of separates 4 Season is that it is run by an athlete and I kind of try to gravitate more towards the athletes because we have that need. We don’t know the importance of our image in a professional world or branding world coming out of college. We just know basketball or whatever sport we are playing. I just kind of wanted to build this brand 4 Seasons to give help to the up-and-coming athletes or anyone who is currently having trouble not being able to see exactly how they should be portrayed in the business world. A lot of the times we are comfortable just wearing our sweats. It’s not good for your brand. You have to show your professional side and fashion sense and that’s what my company provides. We help personal shop, build websites and a lot of things based around image. I have a pretty solid team.  My partner Lisa Craig Smith, whom I’ve been friends with for over 10 years, and in my opinion, she is one of the best stylists around right now. We aren’t even in our second year and we already did editorials for JET Magazine and ELLE. We’ve done a lot of cool things in our first year. We just did a great editorial in Istanbul for Bullet Magazine and I am so excited about it because it was really great. Of course when you get to be international it’s cool. We’re trying to build our clientele right now—more actors, actresses, athletes, musicians.

What’s it like playing basketball in the US and Turkey? 

Playing basketball in the U.S., of course you have your family there to support you. This may sound wrong but people in Europe appreciate women’s basketball a lot more than they do in the United States. My fan base in Europe is so much bigger in Europe than it is in the US. They follow everything. They are really supportive and come to every game. They are so involved on Twitter and every social network. I think that’s one of the biggest things I’ve noticed from just playing basketball overseas in Europe. But don’t get me wrong. I think playing in the US is amazing. I think the coverage is 100 times moreover. And just playing for my family, I mean I love my family and that means everything to me.

Would you ever consider doing a fragrance line and venturing out?

I’d definitely be up to it. I would love to have my own fragrance, my own shoe and sports line. Just like a funky casual shoe.  I would love to design as well. I’m into vintage clothing and if I could do anything focused around vintage clothing or working with one of my favorite designers, I would really definitely love to do it.

Who is one of your favorite designers?

One of my favorite designers is Alexander Wang. I’ve been obsessed with his clothes I love his eye, edginess and the way he puts things together. I think he is far behind his years and I really love him.

You have a few tattoos, we want to know why basketball players gravitate towards tattoos male and females?

[Laughs] You want me to be honest? It’s because we have so much time on our hands. We are bored. We have nothing else to do but spend our money and get tatted. Honestly, it’s becoming a trend, like in fashion, different trends happen. As a basketball player having the most tattoos has become a trend to be honest. Like, ‘I have the best artwork look at me.’ That’s how it is. It’s kind of like a show when you’re playing basketball. You want the tattoos to be seen. I think tattoos are a part of our basketball culture and athlete culture.

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