Vixen Fashion Fetish: The Evolution of Nicki Minaj


Who knew that Nicki Minaj would be the style icon she is today? When Onika first stepped onto the scene in 2007, she was your everyday Queens girl donning jeans, tees and door knocker earrings. Enter her deal with Young Money, all of a sudden things began to transform drastically. The hair color changed, the lashes got longer, multiple personalities ran rampant and let’s not forget about the influx of zany fashion ensembles!

From Harajuku glam to the entire franchise of Toys-R-Us accessories, Nicki has rocked it all. And it’s that exact sense of fearlessness to innovate and break boundaries that has made her one of the most sought out female rap artists by major names in the fashion industry today. Just ask Vogue’s Anna Wintour with whom Nicki was seen schmoozing at last year’s New York Fashion Week.

We were inspired to take a look back on Nicki’s rise from 2007 to 2012. From around-the-way-girl to daring fashion diva, here’s a gallery of some of our favorite looks from Nicki’s wild evolution –> PHOTO GALLERY