Vixen of the Day: Karita Fleming


Karita Fleming
Age: 25
Location: Tucson, AZ
Occupation: Actress/Model/Film Producer
Style: Tribal Rock
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Water

Inspired By: My awesome mother who taught me that a Black woman could do anything in the world — including skateboarding, climbing a mountains, karate, running a business, graduating from college and raising three kids. My grandmother, who taught me that a poor biracial orphan from a poor foreign country could be a successful American business owner. And, lastly, myself! Everyday I do something to inspire myself.

A Vixen is
Once upon a time, I was an overweight book nerd who spent my time reading and being bullied. When I was 14-years-old, I found myself homeless. With no way out and no end of the path I contemplated suicide. But, I not only fought my way out of the darkness, I sent myself to a Ivy League college at 16 years old and began achieving my dream of being a actress.

I am now a motivational speaker for teenagers and other young women , a dance teacher, prize girl on a new MTV show ”Burnout the Ultimate Challenge.” I have also worked as a runway model for major companies and appeared in over 20 indie films. What makes me a Vixen is more than exotic looks and long legs —  those are only temporary. It is my strength, perseverance and a fierce heart that persists.

Photo Credit: Justin Lines