Vixen of the Day: Skye Hall


Skye Hall
Age: 25
Location: Orlando, FL
Occupation: Patient Accountant/Student
Style: High Fashion
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss

Inspired By: I have been profoundly inspired by my mother and grandmother. They have elegantly embraced their perfection of etiquette upon me as a child. I was taught to speak properly, sit up straight and walk with confidence. More importantly, they helped groom me into a sophisticated, classy, elegant and professional little girl and, now, young lady.

A Vixen is…
What makes a Vixen is her drive to achieve the impossible. She focuses on her goals and accomplishes her dreams even in the midst of adversity. She keeps her dignity and morals and leads as an example to youth.

Photo Credit: Lew Entertainment