Vixen of the Day: Stoney Janay


Stoney Janay
Age: 23
Location: Miami, FL
Occupation: Model/retail cashier
Style: Fashion Forward
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Eyebrow powder. I have to make sure my eyebrows are nice and full. It completes any face!

Inspired By: I would first have to say my mother, of course. Jackie Kennedy — the original first lady. She was beyond her fashion time, she was a real woman in waiting. Also, I would have to say Keyshia Dior. She hit the modeling scene by storm. She surpassed the stereotypical Vixen and started her own successful makeup line within a year of coming out. It’s commendable!

A Vixen is…
A Vixen is poised, yet sexy, in a full three-piece suit. I believe it’s more about embracing your beauty and sass– and not being afraid to admit your a bit naive or impressionable. Looks should always be deceiving, but for a Vixen, it is defining.

Photo Credit: IceBox Studios