Why ‘Think Like a Man’ Ruled the Box Office

Movies & TV

After four weekends of box-office dominance, the post-apocalyptic teen battle-to-the-death has been bested a paean to husbands and dads.  Think Like A Man, the film based on Act Like A LadyThink Like A Man, a relationship advice book from TV personality Steve Harvey, earned $33 million this past weekend, more than double projected earnings, according to Hollywood.com. Not only that, but The Hunger Games also came in third past the Zac-Efron-As-Returning-War-Hero weeper, The Lucky One.

So why, after four weeks during which it seemed we’d see Jennifer Lawrence bow-and-arrowing her way forever to dominance, the sudden weariness? This probably has to do with the object-lessons one can draw from the each of the films. What, at the end of the day, does the moviegoer glean from The Hunger Games? Certainly, if one is not by trade a hunter-gatherer in which case there is some interesting technical know-how to be gained, only the slightly sour feeling of knowing that, when pushed, even attractive people will slay each other. That’s a bummer!

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