Wiz Khalifa Addresses Drinking and Driving Lyrics on Hot 97


“Gin got me drunk as f**k stumbling out the bar / Plus I’m struggling tryna find the keys to my car / ‘Cause I be going hard.”

Wiz isn’t the first rapper to glorify the effects of alcohol, but seeing that youth is easily influenced by what they hear their favorite artists spit, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg wanted to give Wiz a chance to address his bars in “On My Level” during a recent radio sitdown.

“I would never endorse that or try to tell anybody that’s the thing to do,” Wiz said. “I think just sometimes with music and especially with rappers, we get caught up talking about our own experiences too much and not really thinking about what people can take from that … We talk about it in a way that it’s a mistake, but it kind of sounds cool. That’s where we kind of mess up and have to be more responsible.”

Wiz later added, “I don’t drink and drive … Don’t be a rock star”

Wiz also stopped by The Angie Martinez Show on Tuesday afternoon, where he discussed wedding plans with Amber Rose, recent music collaborations and more. You can check out that interview here. —Stephanie Long