Women’s Obsession with the Male Mind


Dr. Ian Smith appeared on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday to promote his new book The Truth About Men. It tells women about what men really think about them and relationships. Some of the surveys in the book may seem offensive, but as Dr. Ian said to Wendy, “This book is not meant to be politically correct.” There are so many books about the male mind, what they think about us, how to think like one and so on. Why do women care so much about the male psyche when they could really care less about ours?

Men are making tons of money off of the obsession that women appear to have with the opposite sex. All of these books actually tell us things that we already know about men, yet we keep digging in attempts to find the key that will unlock the treasure chest of the male mind. Dr. Ian’s book talks about things like the majority of men he surveyed said their favorite part of a woman’s body is her butt and that sex is extremely important to them. This information is nothing new, yet I bet this book will go flying off the shelves due to desperation to figuring out the male mind.

Men are not as complex as we make them out to be. I say that you should focus on figuring out the man who you are with. There are some basic similarities that all men share, but they are just as different as we are. The things that one man may like, another one won’t. We don’t see women coming out with books about the mind of women and men going as crazy for them. From the men I have spoken to, the reason they don’t buy these books is because they don’t care. They focus on the woman they are with and it’s either we are difficult or great. If we are too difficult they move onto the next one. They don’t sit up at night wondering what women are thinking or about the best way to make them commit.

In short, these books are great for entertainment and laughs, but they shouldn’t be taken as bible. –Risa Dixon