Would You Rather….Be Good Looking and Hated Or Ugly and Loved?


Life often makes us choose between things we’d rather not. Often times the choice lies in things we can control, but other times we aren’t that lucky. If you take a trip down memory lane with us to the games you used to play does “Would You Rather” come to mind? You know you remember the game where you had to decide between two outcomes for all eternity, but you lose either way.

Today’s dilemma: Would you rather be beautiful and hated? Or ugly and loved?

If you choose to be beautiful but hated..

Being attractive is no easy task. Your flawlessly stunning looks will make people insecure, causing them to loathe your entire existence. Consider yourself one lucky looker, though, just be painfully aware that no one will like you…ever. Mainly because you’re impossibly vain. Don’t worry. Having stylish clothes, great hair that never falls out of place and a perfect complexion can do that to a person. In turn, that person in the mirror will become your one and only friend, so learn to adapt.

Having tough skin will be your strongest defense against those who will gossip, nitpick and essentially avoid you like the plague. But hey, at least you’re beautiful, right?

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