10 Best Lines From 50 Cent’s “The Lost Tape”


7. “Got a lot of hoes, but Charlene?/That’s my white bitch/The rest of my bitches?/Nah, they ain’t gonna like this/But I don’t give a fuck, ’cause they all love this nightstick” - Snoop Dogg, “Remain Calm”

8. “I don’t fuck with them niggas from her projects/They on Section 8, but niggas cars is straight/They ain’t out in the daytime/ Them niggas roaches/ i don’t stop down there if I ain’t got the toaster”“Can’t Help Myself”

9. This a ghetto fairytale/ I’ll be ya knight in shining armor/ Retro Jordans, gazelles, and a leather bomber/Bright lights/City life/ I’ll show you ’round New York a bit/From hot dogs and pretzels, to the expensive shit.”“Planet 50″ (feat. Jeremih)

10. “Look bitch, this is my life/I’m on some different shit/Every different day I wake up to play with a different bitch/Bitches love me, just like I love me/Fat bitch, skinny bitch, short bitch, tall bitch/ Wanna buy me shit?/ Meet me at the mall bitch!”“All His Love”