The 10 Craziest Rapper Tour Bus Catastrophes


Do you value your health? Do you want to stay out of jail? Do you want your clothes to smell like something other than weed smoke? Then, do yourself a favor: Stay off any rapper’s tour bus! Seriously. We’re sure that there are a few rappers out there who run a clean operation when it comes to their tour buses. But, from what we’ve heard—and, in some cases, seen—a rapper’s tour bus is not a place that you want to find yourself.

Never was that more evident than it was last Friday when DJ Khaled’s tour bus blew up—yes, blew up!—while he was on the way to perform at 2012 Grad Bash in Orlando, Florida. “I just lost all my jewelry, all my clothes, and a lot of other valuables,” Khaled explained in a video that was filmed while he was standing in front of the burning bus. “Also, I just lost my entire bus that just blew the f—- up. We out here promoting Kiss The Ring. When I tell y’all s— be real, s— be real. I don’t sleep. I make sure my team is good. My family is good. I take on other peoples’ problems. I deal with a lot of s—. This ain’t no rented bus.”

We sincerely hope that Khaled had decent insurance for the bus. But, this latest incident is just another example of how crazy things can get sometimes when it comes to tour buses housing rappers. And, in light of what happened, we decided to put together a list of The 10 Craziest Rapper Tour Bus Catastrophes. If these incidents don’t make you want to stay far, far away from any rapper’s tour bus, then we don’t know what will.—Chris Yuscavage