The 11 Best Quotes From Lil Kim’s Breakfast Club Interview


On the beef with Nicki Minaj
“How come when I come at places, they want to ask me these questions but they don’t ever ask her? She has a way of trying to avoid the situation and y’all let her do it.”

On Nicki Minaj possibly stealing her sound
“They put the record out. When they saw the response, they pulled the record… Then it’s like I’m not even hearing from them. If you listen to that song, the way I ddi my vocals, hers were different from how I did my vocals at that time. Shortly after that she started releasing all these records, doing my vocals the way I did my vocals… On her new album she has a song called ‘Automatic’ and the song is so similar to the song that I played for Slim.”

On Nicki Minaj as an artist
“I’m not saying she’s a horrible artist, but I definitely think she’s overrated… She’s alright.”

On Azealia Banks’ Twitter shots
“I never met this girl a day in my life. I never talked to this chick… I think it’s in chicks’ contracts when they come out, you gotta go at Lil Kim.”