Let’s Be Friends! 3 Reasons We Want to See Karrueche and Rihanna Be Cool


1. It’s Chris Brown!
Breezy’s hot and all, but he’s not exactly the cream of the male crop. It’s not easy to see your ex with someone new, and it can’t feel good to hear rumors that your man is sleeping with his old thing. However, if there’s a problem, he needs to hear about it first. All of these subliminal tweets and diss tracks just pump up his already-inflated ego.

2. They don’t even know why we’re mad!
If we broke down all the rumors and false reports, we’d probably be left with one or two shady comments that could’ve been taken the wrong way and probably weren’t even really directed at each other. From Rihanna’s “sweeter than a rice cake” lyrics to the fake Facebook account where Karrueche has supposedly been dissing her, there isn’t much evidence that the two really have a problem—beyond the obvious, we slept with the same person and can never be real friends issue. Their beef is probably based more on media hype than real life which means they need to squash it ASAP.

3. Most likely, they’ve got better things to do!
Karrueche should be tending to her man, not tweets from Rihanna, while Rihanna should be tending to finding herself a new man, not worrying about what Chris is doing. All that energy spent on one-upping one another just screams insecurity and continues to fuel the fire. If you really aren’t worried about the next girl then why spend so much time proving that?