3 Things Chris Brown Needs to Tell His Fans


We’re three days post-Billboard Music Awards and this Team Breezy-Chrissy Teigen-John Legend beef is still out of hand. For a minute there, Chrissy was out in the Twitterverse all by her lonesome but once the ridiculous death threats kept rolling in, her fiancé finally stepped, telling tweeters to watch their e-mouths in so many words. Eventually the leader of the pack, Chris Brown, finally spoke out, tweeting to his fans: “I know y’all bout that life but it’s the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims!” That was a good start and all, but not nearly enough of a lashing to match people telling Chrissy she should have been aborted and they hope she dies.

This isn’t the first time Chris’ fans have gone too hard for him, particularly after an awards show, and since he hasn’t quite figured out the right words to tell his team yet, let me offer these three suggestions as a starting point.