3 Things Chris Brown Needs to Tell His Fans


chris brown

1. You Really Shouldn’t Be About That Life: I know this is a trendy saying right now, but number one, how many of Chris’ teeny-boppin’, female fans are really about murdering someone? Second, if they were, would that be cool? I don’t think so. If he considered starting off his tweet with “I know ya’ll bout that life” was the right message, I beg to disagree. Being a fan is cool, but a fanatic sending death threats over a tweet about lip-synching is not a life anyone needs to be about.

2. Calling Me Out is Not Hate: I’m sure part of the reason for Chris’ mild scolding is because he’s just as pissed that people were calling him out about lip-synching as his fans are. But c’mon, dude. You’re a professional entertainer; critiquing comes with the job…and it’s not hate. Let’s take it back to the Grammy’s. This was Chris’s first performance at the awards show in three years and he lip-synched. Then three months later he did it again at the Billboard Music Awards. Really Breezy? His fans actually should have been just as mad at him for not giving the performance they know he should have and could have. Chris is one of the few talented people in the industry who can actually sing and dance at the same time. So why hasn’t he done that in the last several performances? Viewers have a right to be disappointed. It’s not hate.

3. No, I Can’t Beat You Up Any Time: This goes back to the Grammy’s as well, but since he didn’t address it then, he might as well handle it now with this Chrissy Teigen fiasco. Fans who weren’t bothered that Chris decided not to sing during his performance expressed their approval with a slew of messages along the lines of “Chris can beat me up anytime,” referring to his past altercation with Rihanna. Pause. I want Chris to put that domestic situation behind him as much as the next fan; however, letting crazy comments like that slide is not cool. Celebrities know how much power and influence they have, and for some reason, he refuses to use his for anything useful. Sure, some girls were probably just making a supposed funny play on words, others will no doubt allow some boy to put his hands on her because she’s so caught up in who he is. If Chris Brown can get on Twitter and send tweets like “f*ck off” when people criticize him, he can definitely take a moment to look out for his so-called beloved fans’ well-being when they say foolishness like this.