3 Ways to Get on the Right Career Path


It happens to the best of us. We spend our lives preparing for the “right” career. We listen to our parents and pick high schools meant to steer us towards certain careers, select colleges based on a certain major’s national ranking, talk to career counselors and mentors to make sure we’re taking the appropriate steps, apply to jobs that match those steps, only to wake up one morning thinking “Why the hell am I doing this?” 

You realize your entire life has been actions taken based on someone else’s assignments. You’ve followed this career path because it’s the easiest, most lucrative or prestigious or you felt forced into it. However, getting on the wrong career path doesn’t mean that you’re now stuck.  Once you take the time to understand yourself and capitalize on that knowledge to get the job that makes you come alive, there will be no stopping you!

Here are three areas that are most important to focus on so that you can get on the right career path once and for all.

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