3 Ways to Tell It’s Time for New Weave Install


Ladies, ladies, ladies… *Deep Sighs*… I know we love our weaves, ok? I swear, I get it! They’re fun. They’re easy. They’re convenient. They’re luscious. They’re great to flip around! They’re long. They’re short. They’re wavy. They’re straight. They’re blue, black, blonde, red, green, purple, and every shade in between (especially if you’re Nicki Minaj – no shade.) There are so many great things that our weaves are, but lemme tell you what they ain’t – permanent. Sadly enough, there will come a time to take that sucka out, let your hair breathe, and get a new install, ok? It usually occurs around the 2.5-4month mark (the latter is pushing it). I don’t care how “good” the hair or your stylist is – you gottttttta refresh and renew your weave. If any of the following key signs apply to you, be like Beyonce, and “Let’s Start Over.”

Your Hair No Longer Covers The Tracks — If your own hair has grown so much so that the portion you left out for blending purposes is no longer sufficient enough to cover the tracks, it’s time to start over. You’ve combed and flat-ironed and curled that meager island of hair every which way, and even still, every time you sneeze, your tracks are exposed! Nope, no bueno. Let it go, lil mama. Time for a new sew-in.

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