The 30 Funniest #What2ChainzWouldSay Lines On Twitter


Oh, Twitter. We love you. We seriously do. Every time we think there’s even a slight chance that you’re getting stale, you redeem yourself by doing something like this. And, by “this,” we mean the incredible #What2ChainzWouldSay trending topic that took off earlier this week. It featured folks coming up with their own 2 Chainz-esque couplets and posting them to their Twitter feed. And while you’d think that people might feel a little bit limited by Twitter’s 140-character limit, the truth is that this little social experiment taught us that 2 Chainz rhyme style can easily be mimicked in 140 characters or less.

We don’t mean that as a shot, either. We love 2 Chainz around these parts. And, if we were him, we’d go ahead and search “#What2ChainzWouldSay” on Twitter, like, right now and use some of the material that people came up to make a song (FYI, we want 700 percent of that idea, man!). Because, some of the lines were really, really funny. Don’t just take our word for it, though. To show you what we mean, we spent a couple hours digging through all of the submissions to find The 30 Funniest #What2ChainzWouldSay Lines Suggested For 2 Chainz On Twitter. Enjoy!—Chris Yuscavage