4 Celebrity Hairstylists We Adore


What does it take to be a celebrity hairstylist? Have great time management. Have the ability to create new hairstyles on the spot. Solve a hair issue within minutes not hours. Be able to work with all types of hair including wigs, weaves, natural, and relaxed. Thousands, maybe even millions of women want the same hairstyle as your famous clients. And, you must have a talented set of hands.

We have complied a list of four celebrity hairstylist we cannot stop getting hair inspiration from.

Ursula Stephen

Who is responsible for making Rihanna into a hair superstar? It’s the one and only Ursula Stephen. Whether Rihanna’s hair is short, curly, blonde, or red, Ursula is in charge of making her hair look flawless 24/7. She has given hair advice in publications like Essence, InStyle and People.