49 Headless Bodies Found In Mexico


If you’re planning a trip to Mexico anytime soon, be very careful! Authorities are currently having a hard time identifying 49 bodies without heads, hands or feet to in a series of massacres from an escalating war between Mexico’s two dominant drug cartels.

According to TIME, all of those incidents resulted from the fight between the Zetas gang and the Sinaloa Cartel, which have emerged in the last year as the two main forces in Mexican drug-trafficking and other organized crime. The recent discovery marksthe fourth massacre in a month.

Reports also say that some victims in earlier body dumps have turned out to be bakers, brick layers, and even students—anyone who could be snatched off the streets in mass killings that one captured gang member said were designed to “cause terror.”

The 43 men and six women found Sunday were dumped at the entrance to the town of San Juan in the municipality of Cadereyta about 105 miles (175 kilometers) southwest of McAllen, Texas.

This is sad man. Our condolences go out to the innocent victims hurt in this insane tragedy.