5 Points Dudes Need You To Nix Off That Deal Breaker List… Like, Now.


From WWMD — The end of a relationship marks the advancement of standards. The sore loser’s attempt at better sportsmanship: she pulls out “The Sh*t I Won’t Be Taking Anymore” list, B.K.A. her deal breaker scroll and gets to the check listing. She kick starts with the most recent annoyances in pen, and proceeds from there.

I’m usually about this process except there’s a teensy weensy problem that tends to occur— going H.A.M with things that are important to you but impractical in the material world, i.e. baby hands, anti-Nas fans, excessive sandal wearing, etc. Silly, or rather unnecessary itemized expectations that when added up equal a figment of the author’s imagination, which of course throws a monkey-wrench in the whole mating process. Not only because this marginalizes a lot of men, but in fact royally pisses them off! Five in particular had to testify. Peep and reconsider:

DEAL BREAKER #1: If He’s Not A Big Date Spender…

I can really, really understand a woman’s need for financial security in her man. As we all know, in relationships women are long-term planners and by date #4 she’s maybe glimpsed into the future 4 years + 4 kids down the line. However, the fact that he shells out Franklins on fancy dining proves little. He could easily be a stunnarific lavish of a spender and financially irresponsible in the long run…#LightBulb.

What He Says: “Women expect too much from dates sometimes. As long as we’re sitting down getting to know each other, who cares where we eat or how much it costs. You hungry right? Eat!” —Alex, 25

DEAL BREAKER #2: If He’s Shorter Than Me…

Now I have to testify. Some of my best loving came from 5’10 and below. Don’t sleep on young Floyd he could knock you off your feet.

What He Says: “This is a really foolish expectation for women to have. If you look at the behavior on a purely practical level, women who date only tall men are blocking out a huge section of the population. I make it a point to date women who are taller than I am just to open their minds to the dark side (a.k.a. the shorter side). —Ainsley, 28