6 Things To Remember From Earl Sweatshirt’s NYT Interview


1. Earl Sweatshirt’s real name is Thebe Kyositile.

Like his friend and Odd Future co-founder Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt is half African. Thebe Kyositile, the lesser-known name of the missing-in-action rapper, is of South African descent. Tyler’s last name is Okonma, which is Nigerian.

2. His mother is a UCLA law professsor and his father is an activist and South African poet, Keorapetse Kyositile.

Apparently Mr. Sweatshirt comes from a background of distinction. His mother, Cheryl Harris is a professor of law at UCLA and a specialist in Civil Rights law (we Googled that last part). Earl’s father, who is now 73 years old, is a South African activist and was a member of the African National Congress. He is also a prominent Black poet. Who knew?

3. Sweatshirt engaged in a plethora of activities while away at Samoa‘s Coral Reef Academy. Including writing rhymes.

From earning a scuba license to swimming with whales, Earl was quite engaged during his time away. Though he got in trouble for sneaking on the Internet, he was also engaged in learning the piano and watching every episode of “The Mentalist.” He even wrote his verse for “Oldie” from The OF Tape Vol. 2 during his stay, before he knew he would ever record it