6 Unsexy Words He NEVER Wants You To Call Him


From @WWMDtv–It doesn’t take much effort to emasculate a man. A quick 1-2-punk-bitch-punch will get the deed done in no time. However, even though most of us aren’t practicing misandry on the daily (at least not consciously), many still manage to pelt a good dude with accidental castrations. So to make sure your tongue is in all-around good standing, I decided to snatch up some dudes to comment on the little, ugly words that make him go hmm. Use with caution.

Ex: “Don’t give me a piggyback ride, you’re mad delicate!”
He Says: “Physical weakness equates with being less than a man and that’s a strike against the male ego. Skinny dudes can be strong lol, I mean he shouldn’t be picking up Precious, but still.” —Justin, 25

Ex: “You’re like my very own version of Drake, so glad I got a sensitive one.”
He Says: “No man likes that word. It makes you feel almost weak to hear a girl say it about you, even though its meant to say we are apathetic to a woman’s feelings, but most of us just see it as something effeminate.” —Joe, 28

Ex: “I love how I spend two hours getting ready and you somehow look prettier than me, hmmf.”
He Says: “I know some guys who don’t mind being called a pretty boy and I know some who refer to themselves as pretty, but I think all of that bitch-made sh-t should chill. But I’m also not here to comment on that, lol. Personally, I don’t want any woman calling me pretty. Anyone who knows me knows that I take a lot of pride in my appearance, but I take even more pride in my manliness. So even if I’m out here stunting, how I’m carrying myself has a little brawn and ruggedness to it. If you feel like I’m in these streets looking better than you, then that’s something you should re-evaluate personally. Respect the fact that there’s a penis attached to me and chill with all that pretty sh-t.”–Rondell, 27

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