7 Things Men Think But Rarely Say To Women


– Men think a lot, but share a little. Some things light, some things heavy. Whatever the case, you usually just get a portion of what’s on our minds. Sometimes that’s for the greater good. Other times it’s just to get some sleep or avoid a scowl. Today, I wanted to share seven of the more common things we think but rarely say. Let’s get into it.

1. I really don’t want this number.

How often have you read a headline or article answering the question of why he didn’t call? Have you ever wondered this yourself, only to find yourself waving your fist at your phone, saying “forget” him, then secretly looking up the answer to your question on Google? Don’t lie to me.

Sometimes men ask for phone numbers, sometimes we don’t. There are occasions where we do just because it seemed like the “manly” thing to do or we didn’t want to be rude. Yep. In some roundabout and twisted way, not asking for the number after an extended conversation can be considered rude.

Other times, we’re offered a phone number and told to keep in touch … even though we don’t want to. But … we choose to be nice and take the number while thinking to ourselves “I have no interest in calling at all.”

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