Alicia Keys Opens Up About Motherhood And Bedroom Life With Swizz On ‘The Conversation’


Our current covergirl Alicia Keys opened up about her personal life on Lifetime’s new talk-show series The Conversation, executive produced by Demi Moore.

Keys chatted candidly with host Amanda de Cadenet about delivering her son Egypt naturally, and even talked about her love life with husband Swizz Beatz. We knew Alicia was opening up more in this era of her career, but we didn’t expect all that—and we’re pleasantly surprised!

On having her son Egypt:
“I think that it’s changed in so many ways. I was thinking about this the other day; we were just saying that your body does things that it would have never done before. It’s a miracle and incredible; bones and structures of your body move to new places! It’s like how?”

On breastfeeding:
“I loved it. Well, there were a couple of things no one told you. I took this whole class too, which I thought was really good because I think a lot of people think you’re just supposed to have this natural instinct that’s supposed to happen out of thin air. There’s a technique to learn and if you don’t know it, it’s not your fault. I was glad I did that because I felt kind of prepared a little bit. The whole engorgement thing, no one mentioned that part.

I remember I was in the bed and I couldn’t move because it hurts and there is no way around it. I delivered naturally and I kept asking myself, ‘What is wrong with you?’ You spent hours and hours in labor and delivered naturally but you can’t take some [milk coming in.] They skipped that part; they didn’t tell me about that one.”

On her sex life:
“Any and all sex positions. I happen to be a traditional kind of girl. I’m also experimental; we can have fun.”

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