Alleged Zodiac Killer Named in New Book


After over three decades one former California Highway Patrol officer claims he has enough evidence to tie in a killer in the unsolved “Zodiac murders.”

Lyndon Lafferty, 79, has accumulated over 40-years of evidence and research that points to a 91-year-old recovering alcoholic and Fairfield, Calif., resident as the real Zodiac Killer.
In his book, The Zodiac Killer Cover-up, AKA The Silenced Badge, Lafferty explains what he believes what exact motive was for the killer and why the case was covered up for so long.

The killer claimed he took the lives of 37 people in the the late 1960s in and around San Francisco. He used zodiac symbols as his signature on letters with cryptic messages to local newspapers. Ultimately, authorities were only able to link the suspect to five murders.

“This has been our experience of over 30 years of very dedicated and consistent investigation,” Lafferty said. “I have one chapter devoted to 156 circumstantial factors of evidence that related to the Zodiac case and our suspect.”

“The police departments in general were acting under the authority of the Solona County Sheriff, so they were instructed you do not investigate this man until you have permission from the judge,” Lafferty claims. “It’s been very traumatic, and it’s been frustrating beyond belief.”

To this day no one has been arrested in the case.