Amanda Bynes Involved In Yet Another Hit-And-Run


Nickelodeon’s All That alum Amanda Bynes is compiling quite a criminal record.

The repeat offender has been accused of another hit-and-run, her second in one month.

The accusation stems from an April 10 incident where the victim said Bynes fled the scene after slamming into a car on a freeway in the San Fernando Valley.

Reports state that the culprit was driving a 5 series BMW when the accident occurred, the victim began to chase the car but lost the driver after they ran a red light.

The victim got a partial license plate number when officers determined it was a rental car rented by Bynes. The victim looked at a photo line-up where she also identified Bynes as the culprit.

Bynes was recently arrested for DUI along with her hit-and-run. The case has been referred to a filing officer at the LA City Attorney’s Office before being rejected due to a lack of evidence. Talk about dodging a bullet.

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