An Open Letter to Ciara



When you blasted onto the scene with “Goodies” in 2004, you filled a void that had been left by the likes of Janet Jackson and our beloved Aaliyah. Combining understated vocals with dance moves that even the most flexible girl would envy, you Matrix’d your way inside of our hearts. With the videos and songs that followed, you brought sexy back to the regular chick, repping A-Town a la Usher, as you rocked fitted caps and booty-popped like nobody’s business. No wonder your debut album went triple plat–you were the hood’s girl next door as the Princess of Crunk&B.

Fast forward to a relationship with Bow Wow that we barely understood but still followed. Perhaps our eyebrows were raised because we couldn’t help but wonder how the premature pooch was keeping up with your “1,2 Step.” Yet, your separation from that courtship brought about a second album that was well-appreciated and garnered platinum success. When you resurfaced with the dark hair and slowed it down for the “Promise” single, we saw the Evolution you had alluded to, and you exuded levels of womanhood that we had not seen before. And then came that manly-man: 50 Cent (girl…). On top of that, you parted ways with Jazze Pha, a split that shook things up a bit.

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