Are Small Butts Back In Style?


–Something that varies as much as someone’s backside should never really be “in,” or out of style, for that matter, but as we know from the recent surge in reports of backroom butt injection procedures and even legit plastic surgeries to pump up one’s rear-end, the Beyonce-Kim Kardashian-J Lo Booty has been very much “in” for a long time among women of all colors.

But somewhere way far on the other side of the globe there’s a fascination with a much more petite derriere—that of British in-law royalty Pippa Middleton. I’ve spent about as much time trying to find the backside of Kate Middleton’s sister as I have info on what has made this the “year of Pippa’s bum,” but regardless of any naysayers, admiration for her tiny tush is going strong.

There’s an entire website dedicated to it, an appreciation fan page on Facebook with 22,000+ likes, and most disturbing of all, a medical procedure to help women achieve it: the Pippa Middleton butt lift. Interestingly, like the exaggerated hourglass figures of video vixens like Melissa Ford or Buffy the Body, the obsession with Pippa’s behind appears to be tied to her waist-to-hip ratio as well—although much more proportionate. Last fall, a Miami woman came forward to say she had fat transferred from her waist to her butt which whittled her down to a size 2 and gave her the “body she dreamt of her whole life”—the body Pippa has as a result of genetics.

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