‘Battleship’ No Match for ‘The Avengers’ at the Box Office


Newcomers including perplexing board game adaptation Battleship and Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator were no match for The Avengers at the U.S. box office on Friday, as the superhero orgy blockbuster continued its domination while sucking the life out of any film that dared to challenge it.

The Avengers banked another $15.3 million on Friday to retain its perch atop the box office for the third straight weekend, while the critically maligned Battleship opened to just $9 million for a distant second place.

On Deadline, Nikki Finke puts the Avengers numbers into perspective:

Everything is tanking except Marvel’s The Avengers which sucked all the air out of the box office for the 3rd straight weekend. Today it will become the highest grossing domestic release in Disney’s history. Joss Whedon’s superhero assembly is already the studio’s highest grossing film of all time globally, and will pass the $450M mark this weekend. It is currently the #6 film of all time globally, the #10 film of all time domestically, and the #9 film of all time internationally. The new foreign gross is $682.6M and domestic $417.3M for a global cume of $1.099.9M.

Other new releases included the aforementioned Dictator, which opened to $5.7 million for third place, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting, grossing $3.8 million to finish fourth.

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