Beyoncé Wins Writing Award for ‘Essence’ Magazine Story


is set to become an award-winning journalist for her “Eat, Play, Love” article in Essence magazine’s July 2011 issue. Among her many wins during her career, this too was something she earned the authentic way.

“She’s a real writer. We had to edit her, but everyone gets edited except Toni Morrison,” Essence entertainment director Cori Murray told The Daily News.

The story chronicles her nine-month vacay from the spotlight, where she traveled with husband Jay-Z and enjoyed the spoils of her hard work. Since, she has given birth to Blue Ivy and, to her fans’ great pleasure, recently unlocked intimate photos from that time on her Tumblr page.

Her résumé continues to stack (much like her paper) as People magazine has named her the world’s most beautiful woman.

It’s fair to say that Beyoncé’s got it all.