Bobbi Brown Clears Up Story About Meeting With Bobbi Kristina


Looks like Bobbi Kristina and her father have not reunited.

Last week, US Weekly reported that Bobby Brown had reunited with his daughter Bobbi Kristina for lunch at Blue Fin, a restaurant in New York City. Brown, who got hold of the article, confirmed that this was false.

“Just another false report about Bobbi Kristina,” Brown said in a statement. “It’s not the first false report and it won’t be the last. My family, including my daughter LaPrincia Brown, were at the Blue Fin. It’s a restaurant we really enjoy.”

According to the US Weekly article, the supposed lunch between Brown and his daughter lasted for about an hour, and Bobbi Kris was reportedly uninterested. The article stated that she was “was on her phone and texting a crazy amount. She didn’t seem too thrilled to be there, in all honesty.”

Christopher Brown, a lawyer for the notorious R&B artist, also denied the US Weekly story.

“US Weekly should retract that story and do better fact checking,” he said. “Bobbi Kristina was not at the Blue Fin restaurant. I can only assume that the alleged eyewitness to the lunch at the restaurant assumed another family member was Bobbi Kristina. It is either that or a completely fabricated story.”