Brandy Sticks Up for Ray J in New Interview


In her cover story for this month’s issue of Ebony magazine, Brandy made sure to defend her little brother against the media’s criticism. 

Brandy joined Monica as Ebony’s newest cover girl, but in addition to discussing her own happenings, the songstress took the time to say that her brother her brother Ray J is misunderstood.

“I know who he is. And I’m pissed off about some of the things I’ve been hearing,” she said. “It really bothers me that [those are] the kind of things that people do for money.

“He’s misunderstood,” she continued discussing his famous scandal with Kim Kardashian.  “It’s one thing to have this image of [a ladies’ man], but it’s another to become this other type of person that they’re trying to make my brother out to be. I know who he is. This is a man who loves his mama and his sister and his niece. Ray J loved Kim Kardashian. They were irresponsible with their–you know–but he loved her. For five years, he was with her.”

She attributed a lot of his actions to his struggle to find his own identity. “In his mind and in the world’s mind, he was in my shadow for such a long time. To watch his sister become whatever I became and to not have that same path or that same way it happened for me; to be called ‘Brandy’s brother…’ To finally break out of it, you’re going to brag; you’re going to feel something about yourself. It’s not coming from a bad place, and I can tell you: Some of the shoes Ray J’s walking in, you’d take off immediately. You wouldn’t be able to handle the type of shoes he’s in.”  –Jazmine Gray