California Man Sues BMW For Prolonged Erection


Talk about staying up.

A California man is suing BMW North America and motorcycle seat-maker Corbin-Pacific for having a 20-month long erection that occurred from riding his 1993 Beemer bike.

According to Courthouse News Service in California, the “ridge-like” seat sparked the sensation and dealt him a “severe case of priapism (a persistent erection)” that’s still occurring since his September 2010 joyride.

Though men and women have complained about the narrow “banana” bike seats causing numbness in the nether region, Henry Wolf’s case is the first of its severity.

The Wolf v. BMW lawsuit, filed in California Superior Court in San Francisco last Thursday, alleges that the companies are responsible for his penile problem and his inability to engage in sexual activity. Wolf is suing for lost wages, medical costs, mental anguish and “general damage.”