Celebrities We’re Inviting to Have a Seat This Week


Money, power and fame often make celebrities act an absolute fool or somehow think they’re oblivious to the “you know better than that” rule. Whenever that happens we’re all too eager to remind them a) you’ve lost your mind, b) you need more people and c) we’d like you to go sit in the corner now.

This week, the young, rich, and famous acted a little more civilized than most, but there are some who are still making us question why they really thought their behavior was okay.

Here are the celebs we’re inviting to have a seat this week…

Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry’s legal battle with Gabriel Aubry is like the custody case that never ends, and though sometimes we feel like Halle should just wrap this whole mess up and get off to France with her fiancé, we see why she’s fighting her baby’s daddy.

Despite being a super successful model, Gabe has said forget the village, it takes $20,000 a month to raise a child. With a straight face, this man has really requested that Halle pay him that much in child support to be able to provide an adequate home for Nahla when she’s with him, and so they can visit his family in Canada. For his greedy, free-loading, exploitative, non-being-a-man request, we’re sentencing him to the whole back row of courtroom seats.