Chrissy Lampkin Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors


Viewers got a chance to see a lot when it came to the life and romance of Love & Hip-Hop star Chrissy Lampkin. Although she won’t be joining the third season, she left us with plenty of funny and jaw-dropping memories.

As the second season came to a close, rumors began to circulate that one of the members was pregnant. The prospects were Yandy Smith, Erica Mena, Olivia Longott, Somaya Reece, Emily Bustamante and Kimbella Vanderhee. Out of all the members, the only one in a real, publicly-known relationship was Chrissy, who is now the fiancée of Jim Jones. It had to be her, right?

Well, we were wrong.

The last episode revealed that Kimbella was with child and, just a few weeks ago, Yandy revealed her baby bump news to the public.

Chrissy addresses the rumors and sets the record straight in an interview she did with VIBE.

VIBE: Do you want to address the rumors that you’re pregnant?

CHRISSY LAMPKIN: I think that rumor started because two of the other cast members were pregnant and they didn’t wanna say who they were. So, because I’m in a relationship they pinned it on me immediately. But, I’m definitely not pregnant.”